Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Asian Specialty Dishes - a menu collection made over years of travel

What follows is my updated collection of mouth-watering Menu Mysteries from around South-East Asia. Just what, exactly, might arrive on your plate if you ordered the "Miseellaneous Chafing Dish"? Hmm... Bon appetit.

Shrimp paste with saustes egg
Fish cvrispy frifs with beancuve
Steamed crockles
Shrimp crackers and child paste dip
Four colour egg rolls

Saropus Albicans with Red Ant's Egg Spicy Soup
Soup with any kind of balls
Intestine soap
Hol & souv sedfood soap
Inside of beef soup
Fish organs soup with mushrooms
Water sting ray tomyum
Pork’s blood soup
Bone soup
Sukiyaki soup or with out soup any wetted
Fish noble and lemonate soup with fungus

Crab Kwither
Prawn Coin
Fish box salad
Sticking up fish tail
Sea Procuress Spicy Soured Salad
Fish Dancing with Free-Water
Fried shrimp with basinlive
Grilled lobester
Serpent head with chilli and ginger
Stewed dragon
Fived cvad with cuvy
Fried Water Crass
Mud fish in Bowel
Fried fish ganger
Deep flied flog
Fried Crispy a hold fish
Two delicious fish tails
Stewed entrails with bamboo shot
Fried sun dryed snake-head
Deep fried crab's fingers
Catfish not cuvee no coconut mike
Short-neck clams
Cartilage of fish jaw specied
Special swiming skin-bladder
Frog-pretended basa fish with beans prounts
Basa-fish stomach with chilli and citronella
Basa intervolve cabbage
Caned fish with beer and spice
Cooker fish with lotus core
Cattlefish deep fried until cracking
Fride soak srcimp in flour
Steem mud with beer
Fish fried in oven
Fish enrolled with meat and fried
Whelk boiled in beer
Tortoise simmered at red
Tortoise stimmered with 8 medicinal herbs
Ell braise in several flowers
Fish steamed in three degrees
Sharimps steved in caramel
Fish chafing dish
Barbeqwe Goldfish
Friet shmirp with dipped powder

Other Main Curses
Mutton Fighting Ball
Fried stuffed big tribe with kite-lon
Sacculent Chicken Boxing
Boiled shitlins salad
Tender Fat Dry Interstine
Deep Fried Duck's Mouth
Spicy Soured Small Appendix
Minced Cattle's Cleaning Cloth Spicy with Parch Rice
Fried rice topped of shrimp paste sauce with Scomber
Deep Fried Stuff with Red Bean
Hommose with Fool
Salt-Crap Lon
Nudles with the legs of a pork to steam
Raw beef and bile
Roasted pork ear
Chicken in hot wild soup
Steamed Duck with Slug
Rice covered with chiken
Young pork rips
Medicated Duck
Sweetened liver
Saute sparrow
Chicken feet salad
Grill Bowels with gralic
Spicy yard grass salad
Boiled vice with povk
Pan-fried delicious stuffing
Frice chicken with lemonade
Pork-neck salad
Salad modern
Fried Fox
Fried cracky
Sweed fat rabbit
Deer steak with chips
Heart and kedne noodle
Boiled dipping with salted
Sweat and sauced polk ribs
Half-cooked beef and celery
Featherback pie with sprount bean
Stirt fired wild boar with musrad green
Mexed meat vegetavle put in soup put on small gas cooker
Water-drop wort Salad with shredded meat salted and dried Root of lotus Sa
Yellwow nodle with vagatable
Chicken pierce and grill
Fried perfume snail
Lat with earpork
Egg and chicken's ovary
Bolled pork's ovary
Sort of carb
Boneless frog stirfied with little water
Frog slewed with lotus grains
Frog leg enveloped in egg and fryed
Boneless pigeon deep fried until cracking
Duck stave in Hoa Do fashion
Fried beef by skaking the saucepan
Boneless tig's trotters farced with musroom and hotch potch
Beef testicles steaming boat
Fried snake pie
Noodles fried with materials
Pig's solid small intestine
Sway veal with cellory
Chiness dish
Chicken with live tastes
Cooked bird with lotus sede
Grill meat dog
Miseellaneous chafing dish
Stirfry snail with bunripe anana
Sunburnt beef
Frice pock
Specia chop kind of genetable
Oried beefs lugs
Frog Porridge (2 or 3 frogs)
Ginger & Wine Frog
Stewed Pork’s limp
Deep-fried ostrich with lemonglass
Fried aborigine with basil
Emerald butter flics
Mineed chinken
Rice with pork finger
Spicy and sour with pig jelly
Pig stomach and pockles soup
Chicken Pedestal

Europaen Food
Fried rice and put egg on top
Haumburgar Amercan
Chickhen sandwish
Juicily Chicken
Egg Cutlett
Screamble egg
Mescican eggs and beans
Fried whole chicken with fire flame
Round egg fried
Chicken Stro Ganoff
Boiked eg sandwich
Cucumber in can
Veqataples staffed omplete
Fresh union sup
Jaffel (Australian sandwich)
Mussli an pinappel
Taro roots bake duck with vegetable
Cutted or squeeze potato

Corn soup ice cream
Bean junket
Carrot ice-cream
Custard big box
Soaked mango
Green bean and sally egg cake

Pankled Coffee
Spankling Lamon
Soda water with milk
Water banana
Cold big lavie water
Avocado & chocolate juice
Tomato milkshake
Cucumber shake
Green beans shake
Sugar freshly juice
Egg coffee
Alabika coffee
Café aulet
Avocado coffee
Drought Beer


Outside one restaurant was this elegant notice:
Our mission is to make our customer happy
with our good and say "what a so tasty!"